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Clay Information


Calcium bentonite clay is something that most people have heard about, yet still do not realize just how beneficial that this can be for their bodies and their overall health, nor do they realize just how it works. When most people hear about clay, they think of the type of clay that is used in art classes. Therefore, it is easy to see why many people would find the mere suggestion of eating clay to be something that is just plain weird.

So just what is this bentonite clay?

Bentonite clay is volcanic ash rich in trace minerals that retains a considerable amount of energy from the large and powerful magnetic entity of the Earth which gives it its Ionic / magnetic charge.

Toxins within the body are attracted to bentonite clay due to its magnetic properties. These are toxins which the body would normally get rid of on its own, however, with the number of toxins we are coming in contact with in today’s world, the body has a hard time keeping up. In the meantime, these toxins and bacteria live inside our GI tract, often causing pain and other serious health issues. The bacteria and other living organisms in our system love sugars and sweets.  So maybe it's really not you craving sugar it could be them. They live off the food we eat, leaching vitamins and minerals from it, often leaving us deficient of vital nutrients. Bentonite clay has been found to be effective in the treatment of Candida, irritable bowel syndrome, bacteria, virus, heavy metal chelation and parasites.

Most pathogens and toxins (bad bacteria, yeasts, viruses, molds, fungi, heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, etc.) are positively charged! With bentonite clay being negatively charged these positive charges toxins attract to the clay and removed from the body with the clay in a natural way.  

Did you know that gaining weight has a lot to do with our body trying to save us from toxins harming our body?  Fat cells grab the toxins and coat the toxin protecting us from harm. The true ideal way is just to eliminate the toxin in the first place.  But when the toxins are in great amounts and we can't remove them fast enough fat cells are called out to save our lives.

Clay to the rescue...

Clay can be taken internally and mixed with pure water for gastrointestinal detoxification or used in clay baths for skin and organ detoxification. Clay can also be used externally in poultices for skin infections or in clay masks to treat acne and other skin disorders. Pure bentonite clay can also be used to brush your teeth and is a great way to manage bacteria around the teeth and in the mouth.

The healing properties of bentonite clay are amazing. Pure, natural bentonite clay can do miraculous things and there is still so much to learn about its positive benefits. Not all clays are equal in their healing ability.

Bentonite clay has a drawing power of 32 times its molecular weight.

Calcium bentonite clay comes from the smectite clay family - which happens to be the family of clays that has highest amount of healing capabilities due to its absorptive and adsorptive abilities.

The best type of clay with the most health benefit is pure calcium bentonite clay which has been milled to a fine consistency. It has a pH of 9.7 and has the most drawing power of all clays. It is also healthier for consumption than sodium bentonite clay, which is used primarily for external use and in industrial applications.

With that being said did you know that most clays on the market today are sodium based? So you really should ask before you buy.  And there is good sodium based clays out there but for internal use a calcium food grade clay should be used if at all possible.

Natural calcium bentonite clay is one of the most versatile and inexpensive treatments available. Clay has been used for thousands of years as a curative healing agent. It works! Try it for yourself.

We are constantly being exposed to chemicals, pesticides, pathogens, and all kinds of toxins in today's world that are proven to cause things such as Cancer and all manner of chronic illnesses. There's no getting away from it.

But we are able to assist our bodies in expelling these toxins and pathogens from our system by using clay on a periodic or even daily