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Ganglion cysts, umbilical hernia, stomach cyst, and gum diseaseJanuary 31, 2016
For those of you who are complete skeptics this is not for you. My review is for the desperate ones among us. I not only had a growing ganglion cyst on the inside of my left-hand wrist, but I also had an enlarging umbilical hernia, and for years a small nuisance cyst on my stomach. But the real reason I bought this product was to help cure or control a problem I had in my receding upper rear gums causing pockets in which infection could occur. My dentist had decided an oral surgeon would finally be required, but I talked her into letting me attempt to work my own magic first. In my research I discovered this specific clay which was purported to work wonders on dental problems such as mine. And the caveat for me was that my other issues were reported to be addressed and resolved by eating clay as well. Well, it was certainly worth a try. But, to be honest, most things do not do what they say they will. I have been eating this clay now for twenty-four days, and so far I cannot report on the dental results, though my gums do feel stronger. My next dental appointment is in another two weeks when I begin an aggressive pressure-cleaning procedure that takes two separate hour-and-a half appointments to complete. But in the meantime as I prepare for my appointments my ganglion cyst on my wrist has almost disappeared. It had been getting harder and larger as the years went by, and where I used to be able to push it down in the past I was no longer allowed that luxury. Same for the annoying cyst hovering around on the side of my stomach. This was actually the first noticeable thing to disappear, and I was not even counting on it. However, the umbilical hernia was a bit of a nuisance and could get a bit unsightly and large when I exerted too many muscles while working in the yard or carrying heavy things. My general practitioner had said the hernia was not a problem until it bothered me. I must say it has always bothered me psychologically, as well as my vanity, but not enough to go to a surgeon over. Needless to say that stupid thing has disappeared too! I am hopeful that my daily ingestion of clay eventually solves my mouth problem as infection is a serious problem that can lead to all sorts of trouble such as cancer and the like. But I truly am already amazed with the healing properties of eating clay. And this product is the only one I have used so far, but it seems to be top-notch. Yes, it is like eating dirt, but I mix it with a scoop of lemon electrolyte and it totally takes the smooth but clayey taste away. Plus admitting you eat clay supports your appearance for being a bit crazy to those people you find yourself confessing to. By Rogue Literary Society

Great for my dog's health.
on August 30, 2016
Verified Purchase
My elderly dog has grand mal seizures which have stopped since I have been sprinkling this into his water bowl.

this to make toothpaste for my kids and they love it. It's very fine and mixes well
on July 23, 2016
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I use this to make toothpaste for my kids and they love it. It's very fine and mixes well. The toothpaste has a great consistency and both my kids have been using it without complaint. I love it as well.

Great Product!
on July 4, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love this clay! I've never purchased a Calcium Bentonite Clay before, I've only used the Aztec Secret Indian Clay for my facial masks. I started to read about the benefits of ingesting clay, and I purchased this clay to jump start a detox and healthy eating regimen. The taste when mixed as a drink is horribbbbllee, but you gotta do it like a shot, and there is an aftertaste, but it goes away pretty quickly. It also works well as a facial mask, and I'm now using it to make my own toothpaste. I will be purchasing this product again.

My latest remedy for mosquito bites!
on July 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
We (my family and I) have purchased this product more than once over time. We find the Bentonite useful in several situations: it has put a quick stop to a stomach flu. We use it to make a home-made face mask paste that is fantastic at clearing up facial blemishes. Like other clay masks, it can be drying, so we limit it to about once per week. I have used this over minor swellings (sometimes that works, sometimes not). Recently, I tried it on mosquito bites that were fresh and very itchy. Afraid that I would break them open by scratching them in my sleep, I made some thick bentonite paste and put that on the bites. Amazingly, the itching went away and the mosquito bites were flat the next day, several days ahead of what I would expect from my experience with them. This made the look different as usually the swollen-ness and redness subside together. After the bentonite clay, the mosquito bites were flat, did not itch, and the red circles remained. I did not think of trying to see what another day of treatment might have done, as I was happy with the absence of any itching.

When we use bentonite internally, we make sure that it is not close in time to meals or to any supplements that we take, as bentonite will absorb it all. We also take it with fiber (i.e. psyllium husk) as it could cause consitpation, otherwise. Bentonite can be purchased either as a liquid or a powder. This is the powder form. When we were new to using Bentonite, it was easier to use the liquid form. Mixing Bentonite can take patience. It tends to glop together quickly and be a little tough to mix. Anticipating this, using a container that is as small as possible (i.e. a coffee cup) instead of one that sets you up to "chase" the lumps of clay, and keeping the water that you mix in on the warm side are all helpful. I also add in the water in separate amounts, so that first it is just enough to dampen it, then just enough for a very thick clay, then thinning it out from there.

We always prefer the calcium bentonite clay to any other form of it. This is a good product, and thus far we have had very consistent quality. It is a fine, evenly ground powder. I hope that this is helpful to you. Happy shopping